E&E Special Reports

Off Topic

Energy and environmental newsmakers dish on politics, pet peeves and their TV addictions.

Green New Deal

E&E News' continuing coverage of the Green New Deal

Recipe For Change

The impact of global warming on food supplies.

Climate in the Courts: Juliana v. United States

Twenty-one young Americans sue the government over climate change.

People to Watch 2019

E&E News rounds up key players on energy and environmental policy.

Rollback River

How the Walton Family Foundation became a force on the Colorado River.

When the Wells Run Dry

E&E News examines the West's mismanagement of groundwater, an unseen environmental disaster that threatens to send America's food system into meltdown.

E&E News Highlights

Recent reporting about one of the most interesting policy areas on Earth.

Power Shift: 2018 Midterms

E&E News' ongoing coverage of the changes taking place on Capitol Hill.

Campaign 2018

E&E News coverage of the 2018 elections, which could dramatically shift the national balance of power – in Washington, D.C., and state capitals around the country.

Shale @ 10

The U.S. has been in the throes of a shale boom and bust for over a decade. How's it going?


American dams — symbols of the nation's 20th century might — are crumbling. E&E News examines efforts to avert disaster as pressure grows for a new era of dam building in the arid West.

Fire Cycle

As wildfires spread, a battle rages over how to save America's forests.

Repowering GE

Can the storied company of Thomas Edison make another comeback?

In the Dark: Puerto Rico and America's Biggest Blackout

With a team of reporters in Puerto Rico and Washington, E&E News spent seven months chronicling the human impact and chaotic restoration of electricity. The stories investigated charges of public corruption and exposed the halting efforts of the U.S. territory’s public power company, its governor and federal officials to summon resources.