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E&E's Power Plan Hub

U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan will require states to reduce their power-sector carbon-dioxide emissions rates by varying amounts by 2030. E&E has collected our news coverage of the rule in this easy-to-use, interactive resource. For a state-by-state breakdown, click on the map to read an overview of state reactions, find links to relevant documents and read all of the stories related to each state.

Compiled Coverage by Issue

Fiscal 2017 Budget and Appropriations

The Fiscal 2017 Budget & Appropriations Report is a one-stop resource for tracking the fiscal 2017 spending process for environmental and energy accounts. The report includes budget tables for DOE, EPA, Interior, USDA and others, and links to stories that relate to the issues surrounding each bill. The tables and stories will be updated throughout the year.

Power Shift: Election Transitions

How will the 45th president address energy, the environment and climate change? E&E examines the administration: The Cabinet, the agencies, the policies.

Global Climate Debate

E&E tracks developments relating to the Paris Agreement and other international efforts to curb emissions of greenhouse gases.

Oregon Standoff

E&E provides on-the-ground coverage of the armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and analysis of the public lands controversies that sparked it.


E&E examines the effects of heat and drought conditions on agriculture, energy production, water policy, forest and wildfire management, and climate science.

E&E Special Reports

Off Topic

Energy and environmental newsmakers dish on politics, pet peeves and their TV addictions.


American dams — symbols of the nation's 20th century might — are crumbling. E&E News examines efforts to avert disaster as pressure grows for a new era of dam building in the arid West.

Coal in the Age of Trump

A continuing series examining the ups and downs of the coal industry and whether President Trump can save it.

Musical Chairs: Committees 2017

Your guide to committee line-ups in the 115th Congress

United States of Batteries

Tomorrow's energy storage market will be huge. Can America take it back from Asia and create factories and jobs?

People to Watch 2017

E&E News rounds up key players on energy and environmental policy.

Deep Underground

A surge in seismic activity is occurring around the U.S., and many top scientists are pointing at injection of waste from drilling and hydraulic fracturing as a possible culprit.

Meet the New Members 2017

E&E Daily's in-depth profiles of freshmen who will have an immediate impact on energy and environmental policy.

Climate's Nuclear Meltdown

A multi-part E&E News series examines the widening gulf separating U.S. climate change goals and the powerful economic forces buffeting the nation's fleet of carbon-free nuclear plants.

BUSTED: the last oil boom?

Has the U.S. seen its last oil boom? Energywire explores the issue in this five-part series.