E&E Special Reports

Campaign 2020

E&E News' coverage of the 2020 election.

Off Topic

Energy and environmental newsmakers dish on politics, pet peeves and their TV addictions.

EPA: Open for Business

Trump's EPA opens doors for polluters.

Shifting Precedent: The Climate Battle in the West

E&E News' continuing coverage of emerging legal trends on the climate impacts of fossil fuel development on public lands

People to Watch 2020

E&E News rounds up key players on energy and environmental policy.

2020 Hindsight

E&E series on the decade's pivotal moments in environment and energy.

Bloodbath: Red ink pours over Northwest dams

E&E News examines the Northwest dams

California's Crumbling Coast

E&E News examines how climate change will permanently alter the state's iconic sights.

Climate in the Courts: Juliana v. United States

Twenty-one young Americans sue the government over climate change.

Ice Bound

E&E News explores the Arctic

Green New Deal

E&E News' continuing coverage of the Green New Deal

Recipe For Change

The impact of global warming on food supplies.

E&E News Highlights

Recent reporting about one of the most interesting policy areas on Earth.

WOTUS in the West

A look at three Western waters caught in regulatory limbo.

People to Watch 2019

E&E News rounds up key players on energy and environmental policy.

Rollback River

How the Walton Family Foundation became a force on the Colorado River.

When the Wells Run Dry

E&E News examines the West's mismanagement of groundwater, an unseen environmental disaster that threatens to send America's food system into meltdown.