E&E explores the science, politics and policy of climate change in this ongoing special report. The report is broken into three distinct sections: domestic policy, international action, and science and technology. Click on a header below to go to a specific section.

Domestic Debate

Climate Change: Domestic Debate Follow the action on Capitol Hill and from the White House. This section also includes regular state and regional updates, as well as the latest legal developments.

Global Dilemma

Climate Change: Global Dilemma Track the international talks on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. Will the United Nations pursue strict emission targets and deadlines, or will the focus turn to technological innovation?

Science & Technology

Climate Change: Technology Toolbox Stay on top of technology innovations out of the private sector, as well as the latest scientific reports on everything from sea ice to hurricanes.

Climate change negotiations circle the globe over the coming two years as diplomats seek a new treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol.
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EPA announces review of Johnson memo

U.S. EPA said today that it will reconsider a Bush-administration memorandum describing why the government should not regulate carbon dioxide emissions from new coal-fired power plants. In a letter to the Sierra Club, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said the agency would grant the advocacy group's petition seeking reconsideration of former Administrator Stephen Johnson's memo.


Cola giants compete to shrink emissions, trash piles

NEW YORK -- The great global cola war has spilled into a new theater of operations: the environment. Hardly a week passes without the two soft-drink behemoths, the Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo, announcing new environmental initiatives. Both have launched ambitious water-conservation and recycling drives, and the two are now working feverishly to improve their energy efficiency. Most of what they do saves them money and bolsters their bottom lines. But a recent barrage of press releases from both touting small-scale efforts in single bottling plants and massive global initiatives suggests Coke and Pepsi are engaged in combat over which will wear the "greenest beverage company" crown.

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