Domestic Debate Key Documents
Story Document
OFFSHORE DRILLING: Citing threat to polar bears, Senate bill would delay Alaska lease sale (GW 01/30/08) Kerry's bill (PDF)
COAL: S.C. urged to require CO2 controls on proposed power plant (GW 01/30/08) AGs' letter (PDF)
AUTOS: Calif. Assembly sidelines plan to slap fees on gas guzzlers (GW 01/30/08) Analysis of the bill (Web site)
CLIMATE: Report criticizes Fla. reliance on 'dirty' power (PM 01/28/08) Report (PDF)
CLIMATE: States join call for U.S. scrutiny of offsets (GW 01/28/08) Letter (PDF)
CLIMATE: Group releases policy roadmap for next president (PM 01/24/08) Group's policy recommendations (PDF)
List of supporters (PDF)
CLIMATE: U.S. trade rep takes aim at Lieberman-Warner bill (PM 01/17/08) Transcript of U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab's speech (PDF)
CLIMATE: EPA models show Bingaman bill raising energy prices (PM 01/15/08) EPA's letter to Sen. Bingaman (PDF)
EPA analysis of the Bingaman-Specter bill (PDF)
EPA data on the Bingaman-Specter bill (PDF)
EIA's analysis of the Bingaman-Specter bill (PDF)
CLIMATE: Hawaii governor to kick off White House warming talks (PM 01/15/08) U.S. Major Economies Meeting draft agenda (PDF)
CLIMATE: House Republicans request GAO probe of offset market (PM 01/14/08) Lawmakers' letter (PDF)
CLIMATE: Waxman pressures EPA for documents on Calif. waiver (PM 01/14/08) Waxman's letter (PDF)
CLIMATE: Romney attacks McCain's record on climate, energy (GW 01/14/08) Gov. Romney's statement on McCain's climate legislation (PDF)
CLIMATE: Bingaman-Specter bill would raise energy prices -- EIA (GW 01/10/08) EIA report (PDF)
CLIMATE: N.J. lawmakers send emissions bill to governor (GW 01/10/08) New Jersey's bill (PDF)
CLIMATE: Markey presses EPA for answers on airplane emissions (PM 01/08/08) Markey's letter to EPA (PDF)
FAA's response to Markey (PDF)
CLIMATE: Group cites water law in bid for EPA limits on CO2 (PM 12/18/07) CBD petition to EPA (PDF)
CLIMATE: Lieberman-Warner, energy bill susceptible to WTO challenge -- analysis (Daily 12/11/07) Analysis (PDF)
CLIMATE: Democratic probe finds 'systematic' WH censorship of scientists (GW 12/10/07) Oversight Committee Democrats' proposed report (PDF)
Oversight Committee Republicans' response to the proposed report (PDF)
CLIMATE: Calif. agency promotes aggressive renewable portfolio target (GW 12/06/07) Report (PDF)
CLIMATE: How Calif. land-use planning became a weapon against warming (GW 12/05/07) Office of Planning and Research document (PDF)
CLIMATE: Groups, states urge EPA to regulate aviation emissions (GW 12/05/07) Environmental group's petition (PDF)
Last updated: Jan. 30, 2008

Global Dilemma Key Documents
Story Document
CLIMATE: Bali deal paves way for new warming agreement (GW 12/17/07) Bali roadmap (PDF)
Bali decision on deforestation (PDF)
Bali decision on technology transfer (PDF)
Bali decision on adaptation funding (PDF)
Bali decision for Kyoto countries (PDF)
List of all Bali decisions (Web site)
CLIMATE: Gore urges Bali negotiators to plan for life after Bush (GW 12/13/07) 'Bali road map' (PDF)
CLIMATE: U.N. approves new adaptation fund (GW 12/11/07) U.N. decision on adaptive funding (PDF)
CLIMATE: Bali negotiators draw battle lines over emission caps (GW 12/10/07) U.N. document (PDF)
Canadian document (PDF)
CLIMATE: Diplomacy key to U.S. security in warming world -- report (PM 12/07/07) Report (PDF)
Last updated: Jan. 30, 2008

Science, Business & Technology Key Documents
Story Document
CLIMATE: Earth science group warns planet is 'out of balance' (PM 01/24/08) AGU statement (Web site)
CLIMATE: Environmentalist urges 80% emission cuts by 2020 (GW 01/17/08) Book excerpts (Web site)
CLIMATE: Report weighs state utility regulators' role in curbing U.S. emissions (PM 01/16/08) Report (PDF)
CLIMATE: Study urges freight haulers to save fuel, lower emissions (GW 01/10/08) Study (PDF)
CLIMATE: European banks at forefront in weighing financial risks, rewards -- report (GW 01/10/08) Ceres report (PDF)
CLIMATE: Warming poses threat to U.S. water systems -- report (GW 12/14/07) Report (PDF)
CLIMATE: Lieberman-Warner, energy bill susceptible to WTO challenge -- analysis (GW 12/14/07) Analysis (PDF)
Last updated: Jan. 30, 2008

Amendments for S. 2191, the "Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2007"
Amendment Description Outcome
Craig #24 Offramps if the law doesn't reduce temperature, hurt economy and prompt similar action in China and India Defeated, 8-11
Sanders-Carper #2 Increases access to auction revenue for domestic manufacturing of zero- and low-carbon energy generations Accepted, 12-7
Inhofe #13 Weakens emission limits if 10,000 auto workers lost their jobs Defeated, 8-11
Carper #1 Reduces NOx, SO2 and mercury emissions from power plants Withdrawn
Bond #1 Protects low- and fixed-income energy consumers from high heating and cooling prices Defeated, 8-11
Lautenberg #1 Gives more emission allowances to states with electric utilities that reward consumers who use less energy Accepted by voice vote
Isakson #4 Promotes new nuclear power Defeated, 8-11
Voinovich #8 Links technology development with emission caps Defeated, 8-11
Klobuchar #1 Bonus allowances for renewables Accepted, 11-8
Inhofe #23/Craig #27 & #28 Promotes new nuclear power, authorized Yucca Mountain Defeated, 8-11
Lautenberg #2 Authorizes study on aviation emissions Accepted, 11-8
Sanders #1 Limits funding of advanced technology vehicles to $40 billion, clarifies that advanced diesels are eligible Accepted by voice vote
Barrasso #1 Gives states permission to spend allowance funding on broad range of global warming adaptation Accepted by voice vote
Carper #2 Changes allowance allocations to 'output' system Withdrawn
Voinovich #1 Cancels climate law if WTO deems provisions illegal Withdrawn
Whitehouse #1 Adaptation planning Accepted by voice vote
Whitehouse #2 Adaptation planning Accepted by voice vote
Vitter #1 Opens outer continental shelf to energy exploration Defeated, 7-11
Sanders #3 Changes bonus allowances for carbon capture and storage Defeated, 6-13
Carper #3 Orders states to use allowances for recycling Accepted by voice vote
Sanders #4 Increases 2050 emission target from 80 percent to 90 percent Defeated 7-12
Craig #10 Forestry study Accepted by voice vote
Sanders #5 Scientific review of emission standards Defeated, 7-12
Clinton-Sanders #1 Seeks 100 percent auction Defeated, 6-13
Inhofe #27 Adds nuclear to a National Academy of Sciences review Accepted by voice vote
Voinovich #5 Pre-empts state climate laws Defeated, 8-11
Inhofe #26 Speeds up new nuclear plant licensing to 30 months Withdrawn
Voinovich #3 Creates New Source Review exemption Defeated, 7-12
Alexander #4 Low carbon fuel standards Accepted, 13-6
Cardin #1 Funds U.S. EPA management of climate programs Accepted by voice vote
Note: Environment and Public Works Committee votes took place Dec. 5, 2007.