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President Xi supersizes environmental agency

China has consolidated and strengthened its environmental regulatory bureaucracy in a "superagency," a move environmentalists say will support its domestic greenhouse gas rules and help deliver China's current commitment to the Paris climate accord.

The change came last week as part of an overhaul of China's government aimed at elevating the priorities of President Xi Jinping, who recently became president for life. The government hopes to complete it this year.


Tillerson failed to temper Trump's climate instincts

President Trump's public dismissal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson yesterday removed one of the last members of his administration to advocate action on climate change.

Trump did not call Tillerson for more than three hours after the president informed his Twitter followers he had fired him in favor of former Kansas congressman and CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Before Tillerson could confirm the timing to reporters, his top public affairs staffer, Steve Goldstein, released a statement that revealed long-held tensions between Trump and Tillerson.


Trump is attacking the Paris climate pact again. Here's why

Speaking in front of the political equivalent of a home crowd, President Trump told a cheering room of conservatives Friday what he really felt about the Paris Agreement: It's not about climate; it's about winning.

How Trump addressed perceived unfairness in the accord underscored how difficult it will be to keep the United States engaged in the global climate pact. That the United States gets a raw deal in trade deals and diplomacy is a central belief of the president, going back years before he ever entered public office.

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