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Trump says Earth is 'too cold' and ice is expanding

President Trump expressed deep skepticism about mainstream climate science in his first international TV interview since taking office, making incorrect statements about global temperatures and Arctic sea ice.

The statements, made in an interview with Piers Morgan during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are some of the lengthiest Trump has made on climate change since his inauguration more than a year ago.


Trump talks trade as other leaders address climate

President Trump touted the economic policies of his administration on Friday, declaring that the United States is "open for business" before an audience of business titans and heads of state, many of whom stood apart from the U.S. leader by expressing concern about climate change.

In a speech in Davos, Switzerland, before the World Economic Forum, Trump attacked free trade policies, harped on regulations and hawked the tax cuts that Republican lawmakers shepherded into law.


Trump to talk about Paris today

A White House official said President Trump is open to re-engaging in the Paris climate accord, during a press conference today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

"It's something that he's still open to," a senior administration official said. "Again, the same point I would make about this I already made about the [Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal]: He's open to rejoining, if the terms are different and if the terms are better for the United States."


5 climate themes from Davos

Before he called the White House home, President Trump often sought to hobnob with the world's wealthy and powerful at exclusive events like the economic summit underway in Davos, Switzerland.

He was never before invited to the World Economic Forum talks held there annually. Now that he's president, he's about to get his chance. But based on the not-so-subtle comments coming from the summit ahead of Trump's expected speech, he won't be getting the warm reception he probably hopes for.

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