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Trump admin will still report U.S. emissions to world body

The Trump administration will honor its treaty obligation to provide U.S. greenhouse emissions data to the United Nations despite the president's decision to leave the Paris Agreement, administration officials said.

The U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change requires wealthy countries to report their emissions by April 15 each year, and the Trump administration met that deadline this spring. It has also asked Congress for $8.5 million to complete the task in fiscal 2018, and an administration official confirmed to E&E News that support for the inventory would continue.


Researchers say Paris Agreement uses wrong temperature data

The temperature baseline used in the Paris climate agreement may have discounted an entire century's worth of human-caused global warming, a new study has found.

Countries in the Paris climate agreement set a target of keeping warming below 2 degrees Celsius by curbing carbon emissions compared to their preindustrial levels. But a new study shows that the preindustrial level used in the agreement doesn't account for a potential century of rising temperatures caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

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