A changing state — and 3 bitter high-profile races

An influx of newcomers and a changing population are priming North Carolina to be an important battleground state for the 2016 presidential election. And while Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump duke it out over climate change, on a state level the people of North Carolina are dealing with a massive coal ash cleanup, the death of a significant renewable energy tax credit and the fate of the endangered red wolf.


Seas rise in Fla. — and so do stakes for Trump and Clinton

A key swing state vulnerable to climate impacts like sea-level rise, Florida has also been dealing with some unexpected challenges this summer. From the Zika virus in Miami to toxic algae blooms along the Treasure Coast, environmental issues have been on voters' minds recently. In a state that has become one of the most hotly contested at the presidential level dating back to the disputed election of 2000, here's what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have to say about them:


Water woes could tip the scales in Wis.

Wisconsin is grappling with widespread water quality and water scarcity issues, some of which have turned into hot-button political issues that could factor into voters' decisions as they head to the polls in November. In the first story in a series, this swing state is highlighted as one of many battlegrounds that could tip the presidential race or control of the Senate.