Cybersecurity Crude by rail

Blake Sobczak



Blake covers security for EnergyWire in Washington, D.C., focusing on efforts to protect the oil, gas and electricity industries from cyberattacks and other threats. He writes about how hackers have applied their tools and techniques to break into -- and often break -- physical systems. His reporting has taken him to China and Israel for firsthand looks at how global powers approach cyberwarfare. Blake graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University in 2012 with a double major in journalism and Arabic. He was an intern at the Associated Press' Jerusalem bureau before joining E&E.

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Gov't fears Achilles heel is energy industry supply chain

Three years ago, hackers hijacked the websites of three different energy industry suppliers to sneak past oil, gas and power companies' digital defenses, setting off changes in securing the U.S. power grid's "soft underbelly" — its supply chain. But now those hackers have reportedly staged a comeback.