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Brittany joined E&E in 2015 and covers forests, the Forest Service and the Interior Department for ClimateWire. Previously, Brittany wrote for San Francisco's NPR affiliate KQED and the Kitsap Sun newspaper in Washington state. Her work also has appeared in The Atlantic, Mother Jones and Earth Island Journal. She holds degrees from the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and San Jose State University, where she graduated magna cum laude.

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Zinke wants oil revenue to fund NPS backlog

A sea wall located just 4 miles from the Interior Department's headquarters in Washington is at the top of a long list of backlogged maintenance projects amounting to more than $11 billion. To make those fixes, the department's new secretary, Ryan Zinke, has called for additional offshore oil drilling to raise money for projects that are sometimes meant to prevent damage associated with climate change.


Trump started using 'dominance.' Now his Cabinet is

"Energy independence" is out, and "energy dominance" is in. Trump administration officials are using a new term to describe America's energy policy that aggressively pushes past the decades-old aspiration in the United States to break free from its addiction to imported energy.