Texas/midcontinent power markets

Edward Klump



Edward is a reporter with Energywire who joined E&E News in January 2014. He is based in Houston and has written about electricity markets in Texas and neighboring states, including Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. His power coverage has examined national trends such as the future of the grid, independent power generation and the effects of proposed environmental regulations. Edward also has contributed to Energywire's oil and gas coverage. Before joining E&E, Edward worked for Bloomberg News and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor of journalism degree in 2001.

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Edison sees 'longer-term' Calif. wildfire risk

The CEO of Edison International, one of California's biggest power companies, is calling on the state to adopt new polices in the face of ravaging wildfires. A new report this week linked a subsidiary of the utility company to one of the largest blazes in the state's history.