John Fialka



John was the founding editor of Climatewire. He's now a reporter working on special projects, based in Denver, Colo. He's a former reporter with The Wall Street Journal, where he covered a wide variety of issues for the Washington bureau. He also served abroad as the lead reporter for the Journal in the first Gulf War and in the London bureau, during the waning days of the Cold War. He has written four books and is the co-founder of SOAR!, a group that has raised more than $10 million to help retired Catholic sisters and brothers.

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Energy alchemy: Business to turn waste into hydrogen fuel

To most people, the so-called hydrogen economy is still a blurry dream: the assembly of an emission-free global energy system based on the world's simplest, lightest and most abundant element. And the hope is that by 2050, various uses of it will emerge to limit the dangers of climate change.