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Pamela King



Pamela joined E&E in 2011 while working toward a master's degree in environmental resource policy at George Washington University. She covers workforce, public health and education issues for Energywire and handles the publication's people column. She has traveled across the country to document the impact of energy development in various communities. She graduated from Northeastern University in 2010 with a degree in journalism and completed her master's program in 2012.

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Greens, tribes sue to stop BLM stay

Environmental and tribal citizen groups yesterday challenged the Interior Department's postponement of an Obama administration rule to curb methane emissions from energy operations on public lands.


EPA ruling is not precedent for new lawsuit on BLM delay

A decision this week to restart an Obama-era U.S. EPA regulation capping methane emissions from new oil and gas sources offers few clues as to where a district court may fall on a new challenge around the Interior Department's postponement of limits on the same greenhouse gas on public lands.


Enviros sue to stop Wyo. leases

Environmental groups are calling on the courts to void sets of oil and gas leases issued in Wyoming and prohibit the Bureau of Land Management from making further leasing decisions before taking a hard look at climate impacts from drilling.