Grid Cybersecurity

Peter Behr



Peter is a senior energy reporter for Energywire covering power grid reliability, climate policy and cybersecurity. He also has covered shale gas development and nuclear power issues for E&E. Before joining E&E in 2009, he was principal energy reporter for The Washington Post. During his 23 years at The Post, he was also assistant managing editor for business and financial news and a business columnist and reporter. A graduate of Colgate University, he was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University and a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

Latest Stories


Cyberdefenses put to test at computer speed

SCOVILLE, Idaho — At the Energy Department's remote "proving grounds" in southeast Idaho's desert, researchers are testing automated cybersecurity defenses to protect grid systems if a destructive attack comes too fast or in too many places for humans to handle.


National lab is cheerleader and umpire for reactors' future

SCOVILLE, Idaho — Nuclear power for the grid was born here in 1951, when an experimental reactor's football-sized core sent current flowing to a quartet of lightbulbs at the isolated government laboratory on Idaho's southeast desert. And the nuclear industry's future may be written here, as well — at least key parts of it — inside the Energy Department's Idaho National Laboratory testing complex.


Puerto Rico's missing cry for help

As President Trump ratchets up pressure to keep disaster relief spending under control, the halting efforts of Puerto Rico's bankrupt public power company to summon help have perplexed and troubled U.S. electricity industry officials.