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Before science reporter Scott Waldman joined ClimateWire in 2016, he covered state energy policy at Politico New York and has worked for the Albany Times Union, Erie Times-News and The Baltimore Sun. His work also has appeared in Scientific American. He won an Associated Press award for his reporting on the Iraq War in 2006. Scott holds a master's degree in journalism from Syracuse University and a bachelor's degree from Earlham College.

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The skeptics who could snag science adviser slots

Climate skeptics may soon join a key science advisory panel at U.S. EPA. A number of people who reject the findings of mainstream climate science are being considered by the Trump administration for spots on EPA's Science Advisory Board. At least one of them hopes to use a position on the board to challenge the science undergirding many environmental regulations.


3 things we know about Irma

Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 storm and a "dangerous major hurricane," according to the National Weather Service. Longtime observers have been shocked by its power and have warned that it could be one of the most infamous storms in Atlantic hurricane history. "Irma has me sick to my stomach," Eric Blake, a scientist at the National Hurricane Center, wrote in a Twitter message. "This hurricane is as serious as any I have seen. No hype, just the hard facts. Take every life saving precaution you can."