Trump to advance Keystone XL, Dakota Access today

President Trump is expected today to sign executive orders to advance the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, according to sources familiar with the planned announcement.

TransCanada Corp., the company behind Keystone XL, has made clear its intention to revive the project under the Trump administration. The pipeline, slated to stretch from western Canada in Alberta to refineries in Illinois and Texas and a distribution center in Oklahoma, was rejected by President Obama.

Energy Transfer Partners LP's $3.78 billion Dakota Access project stalled after failing to secure a critical approval for construction to advance across Lake Oahe in North Dakota. Plans to build the 1,172-mile oil pipeline sparked nationwide protests after the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe voiced concerns about the potential for spills and leaks.

The decisions expected today would help fulfill a campaign promise from Trump to advance oil and gas infrastructure, but environmentalists and climate activists are already vowing to fight the projects.

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