Trump picks a loyal hand for energy and climate job

The White House is tapping an Energy Department official to lead its international energy efforts, including its climate portfolio, according to a White House official.

Wells Griffith will join the National Economic Council on a three-month detail, according to sources. He is currently the principal deputy assistant secretary at DOE’s office of international affairs, where he’s overseeing energy negotiations.

“Griffith has been an integral part of the administration's negotiation efforts throughout this past year, so he'll be able to jump right into the role,” said an administration official.

Griffith played an instrumental role in sealing a deal to export coal from Pennsylvania to Ukraine, capitalizing on President Trump’s “energy dominance” agenda to send more fuel abroad.

The temporary post will fill the void left by George David Banks, who resigned recently.

Griffith has a history in Republican politics, having previously served as deputy chief of staff at the Republican National Committee. He was also the battleground states director for Trump’s presidential campaign.

The decision has not been formally announced, and one source said there’s a chance Trump could change his mind.

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