Trump picks leaders for Park Service, EPA chemicals office

The White House said today the president had picked David Vela, the superintendent of Grand Teton National Park, to become the new director of the National Park Service and Alexandra Dapolito Dunn to lead EPA's Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

Vela's appointment came as no surprise. E&E News first reported last month that Vela had been interviewed for the job and had emerged as the president's top choice (Greenwire, July 3). He is a 28-year veteran with NPS.

Vela said last month that he was "deeply humbled by the rumors and speculation" that he would get the job and that he would be "honored to serve."

The Senate has not voted on the Park Service director's position since 2009, when Jonathan Jarvis won confirmation as President Obama's NPS chief.

Dunn has worked as a lawyer at the American Chemistry Council and as head of state environmental regulatory groups. She is currently EPA's regional administrator for the Northeast (Greenwire, Nov. 16, 2017).

Citing her experience in that role, acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said she would use her "wealth of knowledge to help EPA faithfully implement the Toxic Substances Control Act and ensure chemicals in the marketplace are safe."

This is the Trump administration's second attempt to fill the post of the chemical safety chief. The previous nominee, former University of Cincinnati toxicologist Michael Dourson, withdrew from consideration after several Republicans raised concerns about consulting work he'd previously done for chemical companies (Greenwire, Jan. 23).

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