Perry tells Trump he plans to resign

Energy Secretary Rick Perry delivered President Trump a letter this afternoon on Air Force One saying he intends to resign, a White House official confirmed to E&E News.

Perry's impending departure has been the subject of speculation for months. His formal resignation comes at a time when the former Texas governor has been entangled in the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry into Trump. The Energy Department had pushed back on the idea that Perry was exiting the agency but did not refute the narrative.

Last week Perry denied those reports, saying, "No. I'm here, I'm serving," according to Reuters. "They've been writing the story for at least nine months now. One of these days they will probably get it right, but it's not today, it's not tomorrow, it's not next month."

DOE was not immediately available for comment.

Perry is famous for once calling to kill the agency that Trump nominated him to lead. But as soon as the Senate easily confirmed him — by a vote of 62 to 37 — in March 2017, Perry embraced the role and frequently said being secretary was "the coolest job" he ever had.

Bloomberg first reported that Perry submitted a letter.

Reporter Scott Waldman contributed.

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