Experts weigh impact of distributed generation on utility business model

Distributed generation is creating challenges and opportunities for regulators, utilities and consumers. How will it affect the evolving utility business model, and how should the various stakeholders manage the challenges, including net metering, as consumer demands change? During today's E&ETV special report, utility, regulatory and renewable energy experts discuss the critical issues surrounding distributed generation and debate the path forward. Interviewed experts include Jon Wellinghoff, past chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and now a partner at Stoel Rives; Jeff Navin, former chief of staff at the Department of Energy and now a partner at Boundary Stone Partners; Lisa Wood, vice president of the Edison Foundation and executive director of the Institute for Electric Innovation; Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association; and Peter Behr, reporter with E&E Publishing's EnergyWire.