ClimateWire's Holden previews E&E's Power Plan Hub

This week, E&E Publishing launched its Power Plan Hub, a one-of-a-kind interactive tool featuring details about U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan. On today's The Cutting Edge, ClimateWire reporter Emily Holden discusses the unique elements of the tool and how Power Plan stakeholders will benefit from this resource.


Monica Trauzzi: Welcome to The Cutting Edge. E&E Publishing launches a Clean Power Plan Hub, and ClimateWire reporter Emily Holden is here to walk us through this exciting new tool for all power plan stakeholders. Emily, this is a one-of-a-kind tool for anyone looking for details on the Clean Power Plan. What kind of information has E&E pulled together here?

Emily Holden: You know, broadly speaking it's a complement to all the reporting that E&E reporters have been doing since June when the rule came out. We have more than a dozen reporters in D.C. and around the country who are working on stories related to this, so our main page really is pulling together -- hand-selecting the most important stories coming from those reporters every morning and afternoon. The crux of the project is this interactive map where you can click through and look at state pages and see what states are thinking on the rule, summaries -- original summaries of what their agencies have said to EPA and comments. You can also see links to relevant stakeholder documents on those pages and some more information about the state requirements under the rule. Our national page has some really good background materials and an explanation of the legal challenges that we're looking at so far. And it also links to comments that you would see coming from national stakeholder groups, trade groups, electric regulators, the state air agencies working on these programs. And to pull that all together we're also going to have this regular column that is briefing you on all the latest developments and also what you should be thinking about that's coming ahead, and we actually had our first edition of that this morning.

Monica Trauzzi: So it's chock full of information. How is this different from anything else that's out there?

Emily Holden: This is the first place that you're going to see all of the news and documents pulled together with the context that you need to understand how this might look on a state-by-state level. So the rule is just so different from anything that we've seen before, asking states to figure out how exactly they might want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and so it's important to think about what your neighbors are doing, and so we're really trying to make that a little bit easier on people. And we're also really the first to write those original summaries on what states have said to EPA so far.

Monica Trauzzi: How do you anticipate readers will use this tool as we move through the next stages of the rule and potential legal action on the rule?

Emily Holden: I think this is something you can come back to every day and also look at weekly just to make sure that you're staying on top of everything that you need to know. And as we move on through this process, we're also going to have more information about the legal challenges as they develop, about what state legislatures are doing, and eventually we'll be also hosting whatever proposals the states come up with.

Monica Trauzzi: It's a really cool tool. What's your favorite part of it?

Emily Holden: I love the map. I think it's just -- it's so simple and easy to use. The interface itself is really clean and nice-looking, and it's a good way for you to be able to come back and look at documents that you know you've seen but maybe you can't find them on your own, to look at stories that you've read from E&E that you remember and you want to show someone. It's a good place to have that all together.

Monica Trauzzi: And the hub is being released just ahead of a very busy week for the Clean Power Plan. We'll be covering NARUC's winter meetings next week as well as FERC's technical conferences on the Clean Power Plan. How heavy of a focus will there be at the NARUC meetings on the Clean Power Plan, where all of the country's regulatory utility commissioners will be coming to Washington?

Emily Holden: By our count I think there are about six NARUC panels that are focusing specifically on the Clean Power Plan. And this is something, too, that is not just being talked about officially in those panels; it's something you're going to hear about at the water cooler. It's not going away anytime soon. And if you read EnergyWire's preview from Rod Kuckro this morning you'll see that this is the first chance that a lot of these people have had to completely digest the rule. They've got their comments in and they're at a point where they can just talk to each other and swap ideas and really start to think about this more broadly around the country. They've done that before; they're doing a lot more of it now.

Monica Trauzzi: And E&E's Power Plan Hub is now available to all subscribers via our website. Thank you for coming on the show. Good stuff.

Emily Holden: Thank you.

Monica Trauzzi: More Cutting Edge coming next Friday. We'll see you then.

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