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Full length interview with Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas)

Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas), a member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, says President Obama is attacking those who disagree with him on climate change.


Monica Trauzzi: Congressman, a big focus on climate change tonight. What did you make of the president's challenge to climate deniers?

Rep. Pete Olson: I laughed. I mean, I've said over and over our climate is changing, that's been a fact since God created the Earth. The problem is right now we don't know how much man is making that change happen. So let's take a deep breath and do some studies, and then do some studies about water, because right now all the studies are on land around cities. Let's diversify, actually see what's happening to our planet, see what we can control and not control. Again, I am not this -- well, let's just say I disagree with the president's attack on people who just question his motives, because this is not so much for the world, this is politics.

Monica Trauzzi: Are you open to a constructive, as he called it, debate on climate change?

Rep. Pete Olson: You bet you. We've tried to have that with the committee but they just keep wanting to go way over that we can do. For example, the president's Clean Power Plan is based about climate change, trying to destroy coal production in America. That's not good for our country. Let's have some viable sources of power other than coal before we just throw coal on the scrap heap. He wants to throw this stuff in the scrap heap. Let's take some time, a deep breath, and have that debate. Not this sort of challenge to not be a believer. That's sort of insulting, quite frankly.

Monica Trauzzi: The president plans to push to change the way oil and coal resources are managed. Do you think that that will help bolster the workforce in those communities?

Rep. Pete Olson: Anything we can do to increase production will do that. That's why I support all of the above. Let's get off the side and start producing American oil. Right now, for example, for the first time in four years we can export crude oil from America. Huge. Two ships have left Texas going to Europe. That's good for us, that's American jobs, a trade surplus as opposed to a trade deficit. Oh, Mr. Putin, you control Europe's energy. Guess what? Uncle Sam is coming to your world. We'll take a big share of your market. ISIS, you depend on oil to thrive? We'll take a share of that market. Iran, off the market, we'll get in there before you, because we're going to put sanctions on you. And how about OPEC? How about OPEC? Bye-bye OPEC. We'll take over and drive the world's oil. That's the great process that's happened. President Obama doesn't quite agree with that, doesn't see that. Let's develop American oil right now. Drill, baby, drill.

Monica Trauzzi: All right, congressman, thank you.

Rep. Pete Olson: Thank you.

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