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RFF's Billy Pizer discusses new report assessing U.S. climate policy options

In May, 2006, Resources for the Future organized the U.S. Climate Policy Forum in which business leaders, researchers, and representatives from 23 different U.S. companies teamed up to discuss the U.S.'s climate policy options. The results of the discussion are included in the new report, "Assessing U.S. Climate Policy Options: A report summarizing work at RFF as part of the inter-industry U.S. Climate Policy Forum." During today's OnPoint, Billy Pizer, a senior fellow at Resources for the Future and co-author of the report discusses what some of the implications of various policy options would be. He explains how an emissions price goal may be a better short-term option for the U.S. than an emissions reduction goal. Pizer also explains how certain elements of an energy policy could interfere with the goals of a climate policy.