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Environmental Defense's Yarnold urges U.S. CAP members to reconsider group affiliations

The U.S. Climate Action Partnership recently came under scrutiny as a result of reports that several U.S. CAP members are currently affiliated with groups and organizations that do not support climate action. One of the U.S. CAP's founding NGOs is Environmental Defense. During today's OnPoint, David Yarnold, the new executive director of Environmental Defense and president of the Environmental Defense Action Fund, responds to these reports and urges U.S. CAP members to take a close look at the climate policy positions of the organizations they support or are affiliated with. Yarnold explains why he believes there will be a price to pay if the United States waits until 2009 to act on climate policy. He discusses the climate policies of the remaining presidential candidates and talks about the Environmental Defense Action Fund's new lobbying efforts for climate change legislation.