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Energy Policy

Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota reps discuss policy opportunities for electric vehicle technologies

As Detroit's Big Three defend their bailout requests before Congress, many industry insiders and lawmakers believe a key opportunity exists within the bailout to create cleaner, more efficient vehicle fleets. During today's E&ETV Event Coverage of the Electric Drive Transportation Association's Energy Policy Roundtable, industry executives discuss the policies they hope will be implemented during the next session of Congress to promote the development of cleaner vehicles. Panelists include Michael Andrew, director of government affairs and external communications at Johnson Controls-Saft; Edward Cohen, vice president of government and industry relations at American Honda Motor Co. Inc.; Josephine Cooper, group vice president for public policy and government/industry affairs at Toyota Motor North America; Nancy Gioia, director of sustainable mobility technology and hybrid vehicles at Ford Motor Co.; Thomas Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric Institute; and Tony Posawatz, vehicle line director for the Chevy Volt at General Motors Corp. The panel is moderated by E&ETV Managing Editor and Host Monica Trauzzi.