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Energy Efficiency

IEA's Tanaka, CERA's Howe discuss potential of efficiency to solve energy, enviro challenges

With the Obama administration focusing on addressing some of the low-hanging fruit like conservation and energy efficiency to tackle our energy and climate challenges, energy efficiency has become a key issue in policy discussions in the United States. E&ETV traveled to Paris for the annual Energy Efficiency Global Forum and Exposition, hosted by the Alliance to Save Energy, for a series of interviews and panel discussions about the challenges to and potential of energy efficiency. Today's segment features remarks by Nobuo Tanaka, executive director of the International Energy Agency; Jean-Pierre Benque, senior executive vice president at Électricité de France; and Douglas Howe, senior director of global power at Cambridge Energy Research Associates. The panelists discuss challenges to improving energy efficiency and give their cost-benefit analysis of several energy efficiency measures, including smart grid.