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Wind Power

Cape Wind's Duffy gives latest on progress of project, talks renewable energy incentives

Since 2001, Nantucket residents have engaged in a heated debate over whether or not a 130 turbine wind farm should be constructed off the shore of Nantucket Sound. After years of conversation and setbacks, the project's environmental impact was recently reviewed by the Minerals Management Service. In its draft report, MMS found that the wind farm would have a minimal impact on Nantucket Sound's environment. During today's OnPoint, Dennis Duffy, vice president of regulatory affairs at Cape Wind Associates, gives the latest on the progress of the project. He discusses MMS's draft report and addresses concerns by local commercial fishers that the wind farm could negatively affect their industry. Duffy also discusses the latest public comment period on the wind farm project and gives his take on the need for long-term renewable energy tax incentive extensions.