Climate litigation is booming worldwide — report

By Lesley Clark | 06/27/2024 06:29 AM EDT

At least 230 new climate cases were filed in 2023, but researchers noted the growth is slower than in prior years.

A man wades through an area flooded by heavy rains in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

A man wades through a flood in Porto Alegre, Brazil, earlier this year. More climate lawsuits have been filed in Brazil than in most other nations, according to a new report. Carlos Macedo/AP

Climate lawsuits against governments and corporations are still on the rise across the globe, but their growth may be slowing, according to new research.

The annual report from the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics assessing climate litigation trends found that at least 230 new climate cases were filed in 2023. But report authors Joana Setzer and Kate Higham noted that the number of climate lawsuits expanded less rapidly than in previous years.

They said the trend could suggest “a consolidation and concentration of strategic litigation efforts in areas anticipated to have high impact.”


Still, climate litigation continued to spread to new countries in 2023, with cases filed for the first time in Panama and Portugal.