Climate ‘champion’ sought to replace Breyer

Justice Stephen Breyer has been a reliable, if not flashy, jurist when it comes to environmental issues and climate change.

By Lesley Clark | 01/27/2022 06:29 AM EST

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Sinkhole in Baltmore.

Judges appear skeptical of Big Oil’s climate claims

By Lesley Clark | 01/26/2022 06:51 AM EST

Emissions from a coal-fired power plant in Missouri are silhouetted against the setting sun.

How Biden could close coal plants without CO2 regulations

By Jean Chemnick, Hannah Northey, Sean Reilly | 01/24/2022 06:44 AM EST

Cars sit on the edge of a sinkhole in Baltimore after heavy rain moved through the region in 2014.

Baltimore, Big Oil to square off tomorrow in court

By Lesley Clark | 01/24/2022 06:40 AM EST