Commenters urge EPA to add cosmetics to toxics-free label program

By Ellie Borst | 07/02/2024 01:40 PM EDT

Sixty-nine percent pushed for inclusion of cosmetics, which have long existed in a regulatory gray area, in the Safer Choice certification.

A shopper looks through the updated cosmetic department at a Target store.

A shopper looks through the updated cosmetic department at a Target store in San Antonio. EPA received requests to include cosmetics in a program promoting fewer toxic ingredients in products. Eric Gay/AP

EPA received overwhelming endorsements to expand its voluntary programs promoting fewer toxic ingredients in products, with cosmetics leading in stakeholder support.

According to an EPA summary of the 1,528 submitted comments, 99 percent were in favor of expanding the Safer Choice and Design for the Environment programs, which gives companies the option to submit their products for toxicological review and, if approved, label their product with an EPA-certified logo.

Most of the 2,000-plus products that meet the agency’s standard are household, automotive or outdoor cleaners. Approximately 69 percent of commenters advocated for inclusion of cosmetics, followed by 26 percent of commenters voicing support for EPA-certified fertilizers.


EPA said in the summary it “is considering all responses to the July 24 request for comment as it continues to explore a potential expansion of the programs.” A spokesperson did not answer additional questions in time for publication.