DOE pushes new plan to measure gas export emissions

By Brian Dabbs | 03/15/2024 06:55 AM EDT

The department is developing a framework to curb emissions from liquefied natural gas.

A liquefied natural gas tanker.

A liquefied natural gas tanker. Business Wire

The Biden administration is aiming to launch a framework by next year to measure and verify greenhouse gas emissions of liquefied natural gas exports, Department of Energy officials said Thursday.

DOE is collaborating with officials in the European Union and other countries that are major purchasers of LNG, including South Korea and Japan, to ensure the plan has accurate emissions data verified by third parties, said the officials, who spoke on a webinar co-hosted by the department and the United States Energy Association.

The officials said the framework — which will also include input from the private sector — would allow purchasers of exported gas to choose LNG options with the lowest emissions.


“We are not introducing or endorsing any natural gas performance standards or thresholds,” said Brad Crabtree, assistant secretary for DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, on the webinar, which included hundreds of public and industry participants. “However, we are working with natural gas importing and exporting countries to develop a shared approach.”