Veteran EPA official retires

By Kevin Bogardus | 07/02/2024 01:44 PM EDT

Jeanne Briskin worked on everything from climate change to water pollution at the agency.

Jeanne Briskin

Jeanne Briskin, a longtime career official at EPA, has retired from the agency. Francis Chung/POLITICO (EPA building); EPA (Briskin)

A longtime career official who served more than four decades at EPA has left the agency.

Jeanne Briskin, a senior adviser in the policy shop, retired last week from EPA. Briskin, who first started at the agency in 1983, worked on climate change, water contamination and pesticides and recently led the Office of Children’s Health Protection.

She decided to retire because she wanted to spend more time with her family.


“I felt like it was a good run,” Briskin told POLITICO’s E&E News. “It was less of leaving EPA and more of moving on to the next phase of life.”