About Greenwire

Greenwire is the leading information source for comprehensive, objective, daily coverage of environment and energy policy, politics and markets.

Greenwire's more than 25 daily stories keep readers up-to-date on the energy and environmental landscape. Greenwire not only covers the major regulations, legislation and court cases in play -- it also explains how the battle over energy policy and climate change is affecting investment trends, technology development and the capacity to deploy new fuel types, generating capacity and carbon mitigation strategies.

Greenwire also covers natural resource issues with depth and breadth matched by no other news organization. From endangered species to water issues, our readers get the most comprehensive coverage available.

Greenwire is a must read if you track:

  • Federal agencies and regulations including EPA, Interior and DOE
  • Legal proceedings and judicial decisions
  • Climate change issues
  • Wind, solar, biofuels and other renewable energy
  • Fossil fuel resources and development
  • Clean Air Act regulation and litigation
  • Electric utility regulation
  • Technology
  • Endangered species
  • Public lands management
  • Water resources
  • Transportation and advanced vehicles

Greenwire's coverage has won awards from the National Press Club, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the United Nations and the Society of Environmental Journalists, among others.

Subscribers to Greenwire include: the White House, Congress, the federal agencies, foreign governments, financial institutions, major corporations and law firms, electric utilities, environmental groups, state governors and agencies, academics and lobbying and consulting firms.

Benefits of Greenwire

  • One source keeps you on top of all the important energy and environment policy news;
  • Insightful, timely, original stories on today's critical issues that you won't find anywhere else;
  • Know what other policy insiders are saying;
  • Know what other insiders are reading -- almost every major organization following these issues subscribes to Greenwire;
  • Understand what's being reported in the mainstream media;
  • Get "Breaking News" alerts when there are important, timely developments.

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