Biden Cabinet ‘fanning out aggressively’ after speech

By Robin Bravender | 03/04/2024 01:39 PM EST

Senior officials will spread out across the country this month to pitch the administration’s agenda on the heels of the president’s State of the Union address. 

President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with his Cabinet at the White House.

President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with his Cabinet in the Cabinet Room of the White House on Oct. 2, 2023. Susan Walsh/AP

Top Biden administration energy and climate officials are planning trips all over the country this month as they prepare to pitch the president’s election-year policy agenda to the public.

The White House on Monday announced a packed travel agenda for Cabinet officials who will hit the road following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Thursday. It’s common for administrations to launch travel and public relations blitzes following presidents’ annual policy speeches, but the looming 2024 presidential election means the political stakes are sky-high this year as Biden administration officials make their pitches to the public.

“This week, President Biden will make the case to continue to build the economy from the bottom up and middle out that has led to record job creation, the strongest economy in the world, increased wages and household wealth, and lower prescription drug and energy costs — instead of the MAGA Republican agenda: rewarding billionaires and corporations with tax breaks, taking away rights and freedoms, and undermining our democracy,” White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt said in a statement.


“In a fractured communications landscape, many Americans won’t consume the State of the Union collectively in the same moment or through the same medium,” LaBolt said. So the administration is “fanning out aggressively not only on Thursday but in the weeks ahead to reach Americans where they receive the news with the President’s message about whose side he’s on.”