Biden douses House’s natural resources week

By Garrett Downs | 04/29/2024 03:56 PM EDT

The administration threw cold water on a half-dozen natural resources bills up for debate.

President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden speaking at the North America's Building Trade Union National Legislative Conference in Washington last week. Evan Vucci/AP

The White House on Monday said it strongly opposes six natural resources bills on the House agenda this week but stopped short of a veto threat.

The Rules Committee is meeting this afternoon to discuss the bills and decide what amendments to allow. The Republican-led measures would overturn a slew of administration actions.

Two of the bills, H.R. 6285, “Alaska’s Right to Produce Act,” and H.R. 2925, the “Mining Regulatory Clarity Act,” have the support of Alaska Democrat Mary Peltola.


The bills will likely pass the House and could deal a considerable blow to President Joe Biden’s climate agenda should they gain traction in the Senate.