Biden to federal workers: ‘Your President has your back’

By Kevin Bogardus | 03/07/2024 04:12 PM EST

“I have never been more optimistic about the prospects of our great Nation — in part because of your dedication to the people and country we love,” the president wrote.

President Joe Biden speaks to a crowd in Columbia, South Carolina.

President Joe Biden, pictured earlier this year in Columbia, South Carolina, thanked federal employees for their work in a letter sent Thursday. Sean Rayford/Getty Images

President Joe Biden thanked federal employees for their public service ahead of his State of the Union prime-time speech Thursday evening.

Biden told government workers in a letter obtained by E&E News, “You are on the frontlines of making our democracy work for the American people. You keep them, our environment, and our communities healthy and safe.”

“Your talents could have taken you many places, but you chose to serve our country,” Biden added in the letter sent Thursday. “I am grateful that you are using your abilities to improve the lives of everyone across America.”


The president said he is committed to ensuring federal workers have all the tools and resources they need to keep serving the public effectively.