Biden’s secret weapon? Older climate voters with time and money.

By Scott Waldman | 03/26/2024 06:50 AM EDT

Voters age 65 and older are staging protests, demanding climate action and getting arrested. They could tip the 2024 election.

An older climate activist protests in Washington in 2022.

A climate activist protests during a press conference at the annual International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting in Washington in 2022. Francis Chung/POLITICO

Lisa Finn never expected that, at age 58, she would find herself in handcuffs in the U.S. Capitol.

But that’s where she was Feb. 8 after disrupting a Senate Energy and Commerce Committee hearing while wearing an “LNG Kills” shirt and chanting a song about keeping it in the ground.

Finn and 13 other activists were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct after they protested at a hearing chaired by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) as he sought to remove President Joe Biden’s pause on liquefied natural gas exports.


Finn represents a potentially powerful constituency of older climate voters, who are spending their retirement getting into climate activism. The growing bloc could boost the reelection campaign of President Joe Biden, providing a foundation of reliable support in some swing states.