Buttigieg: Admin will use ‘every federal resource’ for Baltimore

By Mike Lee | 03/27/2024 04:16 PM EDT

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said rebuilding Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key bridge will take time even with expedited permitting and funding.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg at the White House on Wednesday. Evan Vucci/AP

The Department of Transportation will expedite emergency funding to help reopen the Port of Baltimore and rebuild the highway bridge that was destroyed by a runaway ship earlier this week, but it’ll take time, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said.

“We are committed to delivering every federal resource needed to help Maryland get back to normal,” Buttigieg said Wednesday at a White House press conference.

The Transportation Department has about $950 million in emergency funds that can be used to start some of the repair work, but Buttigieg said he expects Congress will have to fully fund the project. Earlier, President Joe Biden said he ordered his administration to “move heaven and earth” to rebuild.


The Transportation Department hasn’t ruled out waiving regulations to speed up the work.