Calif. state politician intervenes on utility bill restructuring proposal

By Wes Venteicher | 04/26/2024 06:50 AM EDT

The Assembly speaker said he believes the California Public Utilities Commission’s “fixed charge” proposal will save most Californians money.

SACRAMENTO, California — California Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas quashed a fellow Democrat’s attempt this week to halt state energy regulators’ proposed restructuring of electricity bills, his staff confirmed Wednesday.

What happened: Rivas held Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin’s CA AB1999 (23R), which would reverse the California Public Utilities Commission’s plans to place a set charge on customers’ electricity bills.

Rivas kept the bill from receiving a committee vote that was needed for it to advance ahead of Friday’s deadline for bills to clear policy committees in their houses of origin because he believes the CPUC’s proposal will reduce bills for most Californians, spokesperson Cynthia Moreno said in a statement.


“The Public Utilities Commission’s recent proposal to reform energy rates should reduce bills for low-income customers and rein-in surging costs for a majority of Californians. And importantly, it will not lead to increased revenues for utility companies,” Moreno said. “The speaker appreciates his colleague’s legislative scrutiny of the PUC and the governor’s plan, and as a result believes it is no longer necessary to move AB 1999 forward in its current form. Conversations with the author continue regarding amendments, including assurances that any changes in the fixed charge are revenue neutral for utilities and not a means to increase their profits.”