California lawmaker ends ballot effort to enshrine environmental rights

By Alex Nieves | 06/11/2024 12:32 PM EDT

The decision comes after backers of the “Green Amendment” movement opposed changes to the proposal.

Assembly member Isaac Bryan, D-Los Angeles, speaks on a bill at the Capitol in Sacramento, California.

Assemblymember Isaac Bryan framed a green amendment as a tool to block former President Donald Trump from undermining California environmental laws. Rich Pedroncelli/AP

A proposal to guarantee Californians the right to a healthy environment won’t appear on the ballot this November, Assemblymember Isaac Bryan announced in a post on X on Monday.

Bryan wrote in a thread on social platform X that he and backers of the measure don’t have enough time to craft a thorough constitutional amendment before the June 27 deadline to qualify measures for the November ballot.

“We simply don’t have enough time this election cycle to craft the comprehensive and inspired amendment language California deserves,” he said.


The decision comes after Bryan amended the measure Friday to include language clarifying that environmental rights couldn’t be used in a way that’s “inconsistent” with state laws or other constitutional rights. Backers of the “Green Amendment” movement, including founder Maya van Rossum, said the change removed the teeth from the proposal.