California race: The green lining to Schiff’s Garvey playbook

By Blanca Begert | 03/08/2024 06:31 AM EST

Environmental groups are turning their attention to swing seat House races while longing for the Senate climate debate that could have been.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

California Rep. Adam Schiff, Democratic candidate for Senate, during primary day Tuesday. Jae Hong/AP

SACRAMENTO, California — Environmental groups have mixed feelings about Rep. Adam Schiff‘s success in elevating Republican Steve Garvey to face off in November’s Senate election.

On the one hand, they’re breathing a sigh of relief that instead of having to parse the differences between two closely aligned candidates on climate, they can save their time and resources for swing seat House races in California and other Senate races across the country.

“We are relieved in a way that there won’t be a competitive race for the Senate,” said California Environmental Voters deputy campaigns director Matt Abularach-Macias. “Now we get to really turn our attention to focus on the House races that are going to be incredibly competitive for California.”


At the same time, the falling away of Democratic Reps. Katie Porter and Barbara Lee could be a missed opportunity for a more robust climate debate among Democrats who largely steered clear of it in the primary.