Document: Denmark wants EU to produce CO2 transport plan by 2025

By Federica Di Sario | 06/10/2024 06:27 AM EDT

Denmark, an EU carbon capture leader, insists the technology’s development should be market-driven but guided by an EU framework.

BRUSSELS — The European Commission must release a plan to transport trapped carbon “as soon as possible and preferably in 2025,” Denmark argued in a position paper obtained by POLITICO.

The EU is aiming to store at least 50 million tons of CO2 by 2030 — a process that will involve creating an extensive infrastructure system to capture carbon and move it to storage facilities. The effort will only succeed, Denmark said, if the EU creates a robust carbon pipeline network.

“Without transport,” the paper read, “there is no value chain.”


Denmark’s push comes after the EU released an “industrial carbon management” strategy earlier this year. The plan described how the EU could help create a market to bolster carbon capture technologies, which prevent carbon emissions from reaching the atmosphere.