Enviro advocates push NY Assembly on end-of-session priorities

By Marie J. French | 05/07/2024 04:07 PM EDT

Many green groups are planning to keep the pressure on Democrats to pass a gas transition bill.

A prominent Lake Champlain geological formation is visible on Tuesday June 4, 2019, from the shore in Burlington, Vt.  (AP Photo/Wilson Ring)

New York lawmakers will consider a series of environmental measure before the legislative session ends June 6. Lake Champlain is pictured. AP

ALBANY, New York — Environmental advocates have long to-do lists for lawmakers as the session draws to a close in Albany, but they’re competing with dozens of other legislative priorities.

Many green groups are planning to keep the pressure on Assembly Democrats to pass a gas transition bill, but the distance between the Assembly’s budget proposal and what environmental groups want may prove too large to bridge in the scant weeks remaining. The session is slated to end June 6.

Beyond the “New York Home Energy Affordable Transition (NY HEAT) Act,” which would end subsidies for new gas hookups and enable plans to transition entire neighborhoods off gas, environmental groups are also pressing for movement on other bills.


Conservation-focused groups are pushing for measures promoting wildlife crossings, making state buildings more bird-friendly and extending a tax break for green roofs in New York City.