Environmental groups push for veto of Florida’s bear-killing bill

By Bruce Ritchie | 03/15/2024 01:26 PM EDT

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office did not answer when asked how many veto requests the governor received or indicate whether he plans to sign the bill.

A Florida black bear and cub are pictured. | Florida Fish and Wildlife

Florida black bear mother and cub. Florida Fish and Wildlife

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — Environmental groups say they have forwarded thousands of requests to Gov. Ron DeSantis asking him to veto a bill that would allow people to shoot bears if they feel threatened.

And the Everglades Coalition, which consists of 57 member groups, on Thursday joined at least other 11 groups that have asked or will ask the Republican governor to veto the bill, which lawmakers have not yet sent to the governor.

Katrina Shadix, executive director of Bear Warriors United, said her group has forwarded more than 5,500 postcards to the governor requesting a veto to protect bears.


“I think that the people of Florida are sending the governor a message, a very strong message: We don’t want our bears slaughtered,” Shadix told POLITICO. “And we are hoping he vetoes it.”