EPA adds to official climate change indicators

By Nicole Norman | 07/02/2024 04:12 PM EDT

A new report highlights updated data on the impacts of climate change on human health and the environment.

Traffic warden Rai Rogers sweats under the hot sun in Las Vegas.

Traffic warden Rai Rogers sweats under the hot sun in Las Vegas on a day when the temperature reached 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

EPA has added marine heat waves and heat-related workplace deaths as indicators of climate change.

The two new features are included in the agency’s fifth edition of “Climate Change Indicators in the United States” released Tuesday. In the last update to the indicators list in 2021, EPA added urban heat and the heat island effect to the list.

“EPA’s Climate Change Indicators report is an authoritative resource of how the climate crisis is affecting every American right now and with increasing intensity,” said Administrator Michael Regan. “Regular updates to the data in the Climate Indicators website and report help us track these unprecedented changes so we are better informed in our shared work to confront the crisis.”


The report highlights new data showing the impacts of climate change on the people and environment of the United States.