EPA advances ozone standards review

By Sean Reilly | 07/09/2024 01:35 PM EDT

The agency is seeking experts to aid in the review of the limits for the air pollutant, a lung-damaging compound that is the main ingredient in smog.

A traffic sign warns of ozone.

A traffic sign warns of ozone July 23, 2021, in Denver. EPA is moving forward on its review of the ozone standard and is now seeking nominations for its expert panel. David Zalubowski/AP

EPA is seeking qualified researchers to aid in a fresh look at one of its most far-reaching air quality standards, marking another step forward since a narrower evaluation was cut short last year.

With a notice set for formal publication in Wednesday’s Federal Register, the agency will open a 21-day window for nominations of epidemiologists, biostatisticians and other experts to what is dubbed the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) Ozone Panel.

The panel will provide independent know-how and feedback to EPA staff as they proceed with a full review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ground-level ozone, a lung-damaging compound that is the main ingredient in smog.


The call for candidates comes two months after the agency held afour-day online workshop as the public kickoff to the fresh review announced last August by Administrator Michael Regan. A detailed plan is supposed to be released this fall; the Biden administration’s latest regulatory rundown released Friday lists the review as a “long-term” action and does not set a target date for potential changes to the status quo.