EPA pauses toxics-free label expansion, citing budget cuts

By Ellie Borst | 07/03/2024 01:47 PM EDT

A cut to the Safer Choice program’s budget put consideration of adding other product categories on ice.

Personal care products are displayed.

Despite widespread support for EPA to include cosmetics and personal care products in its toxics-free labeling program, the agency says it won’t be able to due to budget cuts. kier-in-sight/Unsplash

EPA is no longer looking to expand its popular, voluntary toxic-free labeling program due to budget cuts.

The Biden administration requested nearly $1.1 million to implement the Safer Choice program in fiscal 2024, but Congress gave “$524,201 less than was requested, a reduction of 48%,” said EPA spokesperson Jeff Landis.

“With this decrease in EPA’s funding, EPA is not able to pursue expansion at this time,” Landis said in an email.


Safer Choice — which gives businesses an option to submit their products for toxicological review in exchange for an EPA-approved logo if they meet the standard — has certified more than 2,000 products, mostly cleaning products.