EPA seeks to unveil industry health studies for 16 chemicals

By Ellie Borst | 03/26/2024 01:44 PM EDT

The list, which includes widely used chemicals found in plastics, hints at which substances EPA may prioritize for review.

Chemistry equipment

EPA has proposed a rule requiring industry to share health studies on chemicals. Louis Reed/Unsplash

EPA is aiming to force chemical manufacturers to hand over unpublished health and safety studies for 16 chemicals, many of which are commonly found in plastics and rubbers.

Those studies could include data on who is exposed to these chemicals and how dangerous they are, all information that could help inform EPA’s decision on which chemicals it should prioritize next for risk evaluation, according to a proposed rule.

Risk evaluations entail a yearslong process for “high priority” substances that could lead to bans or restrictions on chemical uses deemed too risky to human health or the environment.


Under the Toxic Substances Control Act, manufacturers, importers, processors and distributors of a “chemical substance or mixture identified in EPA regulations … are required to submit to EPA lists and copies of unpublished health and safety studies of those chemicals or mixtures.” EPA’s proposal would add the 16 chemicals to the list.