Ex-Biden aide joins board of carbon removal company

By Robin Bravender | 03/15/2024 04:13 PM EDT

David Hayes, a former Biden administration climate aide, has joined the board of Vaulted Deep, a biomass carbon removal and storage company. 

David Hayes

Then-Interior Deputy Secretary David Hayes speaks to the Resource Development Council of Alaska on Nov. 3, 2011, in Anchorage, Alaska. Dan Joling/AP

Former Biden administration climate official David Hayes has joined the board of directors of a Houston-based carbon sequestration company, the firm announced this week.

Hayes joined the board of Vaulted Deep in January. The company boasts its “advanced slurry sequestration technology,” which involves taking organic waste that would have decomposed — such as paper sludge and agricultural and livestock waste — and injecting it underground permanently.

Hayes, a veteran of Democratic administrations, is now a lecturer at Stanford Law School. He served as Interior deputy secretary in the Clinton and Obama administrations before he joined the Biden White House as a climate aide.


His expertise will help “critically accelerate our efforts to geologically sequester carbon at scale and deliver key environmental co-benefits, while helping solidify the future of carbon removal as an industry,” Vaulted Deep’s CEO Julia Reichelstein said in a statement.