Facing insurance crisis, Nevada might create a state insurer

By Avery Ellfeldt | 07/01/2024 06:25 AM EDT

As property insurers stop writing and renewing policies, Nevada might launch a program for people who can’t find coverage.

Smoke billows from a wildfire in northern Nevada

Smoke billows from a wildfire in northern Nevada, where increasing wildfires are making property insurance scarce. AP/Courtesy of Vince O'Daye

The property insurance crisis is hitting Nevada. At least it’s starting to.

Insurance companies are increasingly declining to write new policies and renew existing ones in high-risk areas, Nevada Insurance Commissioner Scott Kipper said at a packed town hall-style meeting Friday to discuss how wildfires are affecting the availability and cost of property coverage.

The pullback is sharpest northern Nevada and the Tahoe Basin — a heavily forested and wildfire-prone region that stretches into California.


“Many Nevadans have been impacted [by] the problems of access and affordability,” Kipper told more than 100 online participants and dozens of attendees at a meeting near the state capital Carson City.