Federal workforce grows to handle Biden’s agenda

By Kevin Bogardus | 07/02/2024 01:45 PM EDT

A study found 80,000 civil servants were added to the payroll in fiscal 2023, an issue that could draw the ire of Republicans.

Joe Biden delivers remarks.

The federal workforce has grown under President Joe Biden. Andrew Harnik/AP

The federal workforce has grown by tens of thousands of employees as they rally to implement President Joe Biden’s legacy-making laws dealing with climate change and rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.

The Partnership for Public Service, a nonpartisan good government research group, released a report Monday profiling the boost to the civil service. Yet the increasing number of federal employees could attract scrutiny from Republican lawmakers and present a prime target for cuts under a potential second Trump administration.

Over 2 million people work for the federal government performing a range of functions, such as guarding national security, protecting public health and the environment as well as boosting the economy.


“Their unwavering commitment to the nation is evident in their diligent efforts to implement policies and provide services nationwide. They are a fundamental part of a well-functioning government,” said the report, written by the nonprofit’s Elizabeth Byers and Kennedy Teel.