Ford backs Biden clean car rule in court

By Lesley Clark | 05/21/2024 01:11 PM EDT

The automaker said EPA’s new rule offers the industry regulatory certainty.

Ford's logo is seen on the side of a building.

Ford is siding with EPA in litigation brought by Republican-led states. Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

One of the nation’s largest automakers is defending the Biden administration’s new effort to curb tailpipe emissions from passenger cars and trucks.

In a brief filed Monday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Ford Motor Co. said the EPA rule will help create a “level regulatory playing field” as the company takes its own steps to control pollution from the transportation sector — the largest source of U.S. carbon emissions.

“Ford is committed to reducing emissions in its own fleet and scaling up its production of electric vehicles and hybrids to satisfy growing customer demand and provide customers with choices in addition to vehicles that use internal combustion engines,” the company said.


The brief comes as Ford seeks to intervene in litigation brought by Republican-led states that have asked the D.C. Circuit to scrap the new tailpipe rule, saying it exceeds EPA’s authority and unlawfully seeks to force U.S. drivers into electric vehicles.